Accommodation and Rates

Eastholme has 56 private rooms, 12 semi- private rooms and 60 basic rooms. Accommodation for couples can be provided in several of our large basic rooms or adjoining private or semi-private rooms. 
The home is fully air-conditioned, including bedrooms, dining and lounge areas. 
Eastholme is a smoke free environment.

Long Stay Accommodation

The Province has adopted a standard rate policy for basic accommodation for all Nursing Homes and Homes for the Aged in the province.

The maximum rate for basic accommodation is $62.18 per day, effective July 1st, 2019.

Resident Preferred Accommodation Policy

Residents who wish to reside in preferred accommodation must pay the maximum basic accommodation rate in effect plus the applicable preferred accommodation premium.  Eastholme agrees to provide 30 days written notice of any change to the preferred accommodation premiums.

Accommodation Definitions

Preferred – Means designated private or semi-private rooms.

Private – Means a room with one bed and its own washroom. 
The private preferred premium is $26.64 per day plus the maximum basic rate of $62.18.

Semi-private – Means a room with one bed and a shared washroom with an adjoining room. 
The semi-private preferred premium is $12.78 per day plus the maximum basic rate of $62.18.

Basic – Means a room with 2 beds and a shared washroom. 
The maximum basic accommodation rate is $62.18 per day.

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