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Visitor Protocols

ALERT: As of July 18, 2024, we have declared a Covid Outbreak on the South Wing 3rd floor, along with a concurrent respiratory outbreak on the South Wing 2nd floor, with the causative agent unknown. We are advising all non-essential visitors to postpone their visit until the outbreak is over. Facility wide masking has been put into place and anyone who must visit should ensure proper hand hygiene and the use of PPE where required within the home.

Eastholme is a 128-bed Home for the Aged located in the municipality of Powassan. The Home is supported by 14 municipalities in the territorial district of Parry Sound East and is operated by the Board of Management. The Board of Management is appointed by the municipalities and includes 2 provincial appointees.

Eastholme is committed to providing quality long-term care service to the residents of the Home, and as one of the largest employers in the district, we offer a variety of career opportunities. We provide care and services to our residents and community clients with compassion and ensure they are treated with respect and dignity.

The Board of Management also administers the East Parry Sound Community Support Services Program. The program staff, with the assistance of many dedicated volunteers, deliver much-needed services throughout the district including: meals-on-wheels, frozen prepared meals, transportation, seniors’ luncheons, and falls prevention-balance and stretch classes.